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Always looking for the next opportunity
to make a change.
The digital way.

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After working with multiple clients & agencies while the world took a digital & progressive transformation with remote working, Kollab Digital took birth to Kollaborate with brands and help improve their outreach through data-driven media solutions, innovative Koncepts, and savvy social interactions.

My team of experts and I are here to help you build strategies that combine Kreativity with data. Whether you are looking at a large-scale campaign or a local qualitative program, we have a passion for Kreating engaging Kontent, & drawing up strategic growth game plans. 
Ready to Kollab?

What's our story?

Content Strategy  Writing 

Community management

 Branding   Social Media

Campaign Management 

Creative partnership consultancy

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Nimrah Khan
Founder & Marketing Specialist

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I advise companies
on creative campaigns & strategic growth plans

As a Marketing expert, I am constantly involved in developing and executing campaigns that help
reinforce the digital footprint of the brands I work with.

I ensure brand supremacy through content  creativity and consistency.  Alongside working with a team of copywriters, graphic designers, videographers, influencers, operation teams, and PR teams, I oversee all content - from production to the final cut. 

My expertise lies in owning the voice of brands for all translations to ensure the brand equity is protected and projected and I believe in maximizing online presence through advertising, social media, PR and influencer strategies, event concepts, and in-store visualization.

Adept at problem-solving, thinking fast on my feet and delivering quick turnaround when required; I breathe and thrive in a fast-paced environment

Clients & Collaborations

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